Elizabethtown College Online Magazine

Reflections On Coming Home


Seasons do funny things to me. During my years as a student, I can vividly remember how much I would look forward to returning to campus after the summer to reconnect with student friends, as well as the staff and faculty members with whom I had developed ties during the previous academic year. The strength of these feelings was matched by the anticipation of returning to a place that, in many ways, had become as comfortable and familiar to me as the house in which I had grown up. Without question, the draw to return “home” to E-town each fall quickly became one of my most powerful and treasured intuitions throughout those years.

Interestingly enough, that innate sense is still alive and well—and I am still strongly reminded of those warm and cozy feelings every year at this time. (Admittedly, it doesn’t hurt that I now live within walking distance of campus.) Even so, I hear stories from fellow alumni each fall who experience the same phenomenon from their towns and places of work around the world. While the feelings might not be exactly the same for alumni who graduated from the traditional and non traditional academic programs, the instinct to reconnect with the close and familiar community that played such a transformational role in their lives is consistent. For me and many others there is no stronger season than fall to be reminded of these feelings.

It is in this spirit that Homecoming and Family Weekend is planned for you this and every year. At no other time is the campus community more mobilized to welcome its flock back together than Homecoming Day. So mark Saturday, Oct. 19, on your calendar; check out the official listing of events in the magazine’s cover wrap; and make your plans to join us. Your E-town family is eagerly waiting to welcome you back “home.”

Blue Jays. Always.

Mark A. Clapper ’96
Director of Alumni Relations