Elizabethtown College Online Magazine

E-town NOW debuts


E-town NOW, a new online news outlet, regularly publishes relevant and timely news, feature and multimedia stories about Elizabethtown College. Original content is published almost daily in a variety of formats and categories during the regular academic year and less frequently during the summer months. The website also features regular round-ups of articles, published elsewhere, that quote, feature or were written by Elizabethtown personalities.

E-town NOW is an interactive storytelling venue, in essence, the College’s own media outlet.”

E-town NOW encourages user interaction through commenting and social sharing, since news, today, is about conversations. The website provides links to other outlets for E-town news, including the Etownian, the alumni website, athletics website, the College events calendar, social media outlets and, of course, Elizabethtown magazine.

Experience the new website at etown.edu/now.