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Alumni Lives: Fall 2013

Our Alumni Lives column features births/adoptions, marriages and anniversaries—no engagements, please. Submit those to magazine@etown.edu. Feel free to include a photo; if we have room, we might use it! To submit your Class Note–professional and educational accomplishments, etc.–email classnotes@etown.edu.


Daniel A. Miscavige, Esq. and Donna Lynn (Nagle) ’76 celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on June 11, 2013.


Donna Lynn Nagle (see Daniel A. Miscavige ’74).


mckeever Francis McKeever and Angela Eder McKeever ’07 welcomed their second child, a son, George Oliver on July 9, 2013. PHOTO: Big sister Grace Addison with Oliver.






Angela Eder McKeever (See Francis McKeever ’05)


wedding-dea Trent DeArment and Allison Waldron DeArment ’10 were married on Oct. XX, 2012. Dozens of their fellow Blue Jays attended:

Front Row:  Carrie Fiedler, Brandon Fiedler, Tasha Ambrosius, Trent DeArment (Groom), Allison Waldron DeArment (Bride), Edith Nelson Waldron, Michelle Waldron Kenney,

2nd Row:  Cameron Dietz, Kortni Smith, Shayne Eisenhauer, Kelly Castor, Matthew Witkovsky, Julianne Keys, Adam Weller, Heather DeArment Henry, Dominique DiMeglio, Eric Capece

3rd Row:  Andrew Stewart, Travis Enyeart, Deann Michener, Shawn Haley, Kelly Swigert, Logan Reis, Jodi Glover Feeney, Katie Davis Leatherman

4th Row:  Brian Simmons, Jennifer Rogers, Corey Thomas, Kate Leibrand, Caitlin Taylor, Stephen Roussel, Sven Reigle, Tori Edgerson Reigle, Shirley Deichert, Diane DeArment, Brian Leatherman

5th Row:  Lisa Gimbert, Rebecca Herman, Jenna Heimbaugh, Michael Christopher Rice, Stephen McGonigle, Anna Woods, Samantha Phillips, Rachel Jesten


Allison Waldron DeArment (see 2009)



View More: http://alexandraelisabethphotography.pass.us/noelledaveNoelle Babilya married Dave Mullin on July 6, 2013. The baseball-loving couple’s wedding was held outside Citizen’s Bank Park prior to a Phillies/Braves game; Noelle roots for Philly while Dave cheers on Atlanta. The couple resides in Alexandria, Va.

PHOTO: The bride with Rachel Cooper, Stephanie Carroll and Melanie Giardina.




reception-152Kelly (Clayton) Pfeiffer married Wayne Pfeiffer on July 6, 2013 in Gibbonsboro, N.J. A flock of Blue Jays attended the wedding.

From left to right is Betsey Michel ’12, Allison Oberg ‘12, Caitlin Grimes ’12, Travis Hill, Alison Hill ’12, Wayne Peiffer, Kelly Peiffer ’12, Clara DeAngelo, Colin Lynch ’12, Christina Rodriguez ’12, Allyson Wells ’12, Audra Byerly ’12, Kaitlyn Miller ’12, Eric Reichert ’12 and Krystal Talley ‘12