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Faculty Accomplishments Winter 2012


David Bowne and 11 co-authors published a paper titled “Transforming Ecological Science at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions through Collaborative Networks” in the May 2011 edition of BioScience.

Bowers Writers House

Jesse Waters’ first collection of poems, titled “Human Resources,” was nominated for an Independent Publisher Book Award.


Bryan Greenberg was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor and awarded tenure.

Sanjay Paul’s op-ed, on “Maybe the Fed could use a ‘Hail Mary’ for nation’s monetary policy,” was published in the Sunday, Aug. 21 Patriot-News on page C1.

Hossein Varamini presented a paper for which he served as co-author, “The Digital Divide: Impediment to Equal Participation in the World Economy,” at the 11th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change, in Madrid, Spain.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

James MacKay published a paper titled “Directed Oxidative Cyclization to C2 or C4 positions of Indole: Efficient Construction of the Bicyclo[4.3.1]Decane Core of Welwitindolinones,” in the journal Organic Letters. The work involves methodological developments toward the synthesis of the core skeleton of a potential anti-cancer chemotherapeutic. The paper can be accessed online.

 Jeff Rood-

…and research student Geoff Quinque ’11 published the results of their research, dealing with ongoing studies into magnesium complexes as potential polymerization catalysts, in the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.

…and Ashley Huttenstine ’12 recently published in the journal Acta Crystallographica a paper that deals with ongoing research in transition metal compounds with potential catalytic properties.

Center for Global Citizenship

John Craig visited with Tony Blair (L), chairman of the Middle East Quartet (US/UK/Russia/UN), while attending the World Economic Forum Middle East Regional meeting held in Jordan, in October.

Three faculty members from Elizabethtown College join members from other local colleges as participants in the 2011-2012 Faculty International Scholarship Seminar (FISS).  The seminar program, focused on the Middle East, includes on-campus events and an international trip to Oman, hosted by John Craig. Each participant’s specific project, as approved for professional development, is noted in italics.

  • Heather Kanenberg, Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Human Rights & Women’s Issues in the Middle East
  • Peggy McFarland, Professor of Social Work
    Social Service Provision in Oman & Egypt
  • Brian Newsome, Associate Professor of History
    Ibadi Islam in the Era of Salafi Reform


David Donovan appeared as Gram Slur in 2-Shea’s production of the “Shogun Chef Challenge,” an interactive murder mystery presented at the Franklin House Tavern in Schaefferstown.

Tamara Gillis

…coauthored “The Instructor’s Guide to The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication (second edition)” published by Jossey-Bass Publishing.    The guide is a companion resource to “The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication (second edition)” edited by Dr. Gillis.

…was named Page Legacy Scholar for the 2011/2012 academic year and had the project (jointly produced with Kirsten Johnson), “Markers of credibility and mainstream media representatives: Developing a social media credibility inventory,” approved for funding through the Arthur W. Page Center.

Colin Helb-

…organized and chaired a roundtable panel at the Popular Culture/American Culture Association national conference in San Antonio, Texas, on “College Radio in the 21st Century” with radio station advisors from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio; SUNY, Oswego, N.Y.; and Columbia College, Chicago, Ill.

…had an article on the role of WiFi in social networking published in the Encyclopedia of Social Networks edited by George A. Barnett, Ph.D. and published by Sage Publications.

…was named the new co-chair of the Music Area of the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association.

Kirsten Johnson-

…presented at two panel sessions at the national Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference in St. Louis, Mo.One presentation was titled “Wetown.org: Building Community Online Through Citizen Journalism;” the other was titled “Gatekeeping in the Digital Age: A New Model for a Post-Objective World.”

…was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor and awarded tenure.

…was named Page Legacy Scholar for the 2011/2012 academic year and had the project (jointly produced with Tamara Gillis), “Markers of credibility and mainstream media representatives: Developing a social media credibility inventory,” approved for funding through the Arthur W. Page Center.

Kelly Poniatowski recently participated on two invited panels at the annual conference of the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communications in St. Louis at which she presented her research, titled “Nice girls don’t drink beer and smoke cigars: A Textual Analysis of audience perceptions of gender and sport in response to the 2010 Canadian Women’s Gold Medal Celebration” and participated on the teaching panel presenting “Breaking Big: Making students marketable for the most competitive communication jobs.”

Edward R. Murphy Center for Continuing Education and Distance Learning

John Kokolus was interviewed by Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners, a national subscription newsletter for leaders in higher education for adult learners. The interview appeared in the October 2011 issue in the newsletter’s regular feature, Leaders & Innovators.

Barbara Randazzo and Elena Crain presented on marketing, admissions and retention strategies for the adult learner population at the 5th Annual Serving Adult Learners Conference at Muhlenberg College sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges.


Kathleen. K. Blouch presented two sessions at the PA Middle School Conference. The presentation, “Assessing Opportunities to Learn” gave participants an opportunity to utilize her recently published blended protocol to assess science instruction. The other presentation was titled, “Developing inquiry and literacy in the science classroom: Compacting the Curriculum.”


Otis Kitchen, professor Emeritus of music, was honored during the Bridgewater College Symphonic Band concert in April and presented with a certificate of recognition for honors he received from the American Bandmasters Association and a lifetime of achievement as a conductor and musician.


David C. Downing-

…published an article on CSLewis.com titled, “The Underworld in Virgil’s Aeneid and C. S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair

…offered a lecture and book signing at the American Civil War Center in Richmond, Va. His essay, “Dante Echoes in a Grief Observed,” will appear in an upcoming book, “The Inklings: Questions of Identity” (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012).

Mark Harman –

…was interviewed live about his new translation of Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet” on the Book Show, which is broadcast twice daily on ABC, Australia’s public broadcasting network. A podcast of the show is available.

…delivered the spring 2011 Distinguished Scholar Lecture sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Delaware. His talk, the 50th in the series, was titled, “Smoke and Mirrors: Retranslating the Eerie Imaginings of Franz Kafka.”

…had a translation of a short Kafka story, “A Message to the Emperor” and commentary on the text appeared in a blog of the New York Review of Books.

…had his translation of Franz Kafka’s first novel, “Amerika: The Missing Person” issued in paperback by Schocken Books/Random House. On its first hardcover appearance in 2008, book critic David L. Ulin wrote the following in the Los Angeles Times: “More than eighty years after his death from tuberculosis at age forty, Kafka continues to defy simplifications, to force us to consider him anew. That’s the effect of Mark Harman’s new translation of “Amerika.”

Fine and Performing Arts

Justin Badgerow was a guest speaker at “Asides,” the Fulton Theatre pre-show lecture series. His presentation was titled “Fascinating Rhythm: Musical and Cultural Trends in the American Jazz Age.”

Gene Ann Behrens –

…was elected by the World Federation of Music Therapy organization to serve as Chair of the Global Crises Intervention Commission.

…was promoted from associate professor to professor of Music.

Douglas Bomberger presented a paper at the North American Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music in Richmond, Va., which examined the role played by Franz Liszt in Edward MacDowell’s early career.

Milt Friedly’s sculptural works were included in an art exhibit at the Lancaster Museum of Art titled, “Play Ball-A group exhibition celebrating America’s pastime.”

Milt Friedly, Matt Fritz, Jim Haines, Paula Nelson and Baltimore poet Deanna Nikaido  collaborated on the mixed media installation, “Breathe in the Delaware,” which was part of the Philadelphia Sculptors exhibition, at the University Arts in Philadelphia titled, “Opposites Attract.” Originally conceived by Friedly as a visual arts work, it grew into an original poem by Nikaido and an original music composition by Haines, performed on flute by Paula Nelson. Matt Fritz served as sound engineer for the project.

Carol Anne Friesen was named a Maestro in Outreach by Kindermusik International.

Patricia Likos Ricci

…co-authored “Buildings of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania,” (ed. George E. Thomas, Society of Architectural Historians and University of Virginia, 2011), a volume of the Buildings of the United States, the first series to document state-by-state the history of American architecture from pre-settlement to the present.

…wrote the chapter on the Susquehanna Valley, Beyond Blue Mountain to the Northern Tier: Pennsylvania’s Frontier, and the architectural histories of Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Union, Snyder, Perry, Juniata and Mifflin counties.

John Rohrkemper appeared in a staged reading of “Waiting for Lefty” at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster.

Kevin Shorner-Johnson gave a presentation titled “Lesson planning instruction in music teacher education,” at the Association of Teacher Educators Summer Conference.

Robert Spence served three times as a guest conductor: Mennonite Schools Council High School Honors Band; Eastern Maryland All-Shore Senior High School Honors Band; and Cecil County (Md.) All-County High School Honors Band. Spence also served as an adjudicator for the Harford County (Md.) High School Band Assessment Day.

Michael Swanson –

…was tenured as associate professor of Theatre.

…served on a panel of professionals who reviewed and ranked a series of grant applications related to the arts and to community service for the Lancaster County Community Foundation.

… appeared in a staged reading of “Waiting for Lefty” at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster.

The Elizabethtown Trio, featuring Ellen Eager, cello; Johanna Hartman, violin; and Debra Ronning, piano; performed a recital at Hoffer Auditorium of the Pleasant View Retirement Village in Manheim, Pa. The performers are faculty members in the Fine and Performing Arts Department.


David Kenley co-led a tour for 14 teachers (K-12) on a two-week trip to China sponsored by the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia.

Brian Newsome was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor.

Mathematical Sciences

Bogdan Doytchinov was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor and awarded tenure.

Timothy McDevitt was promoted from associate professor to full professor.


Michael Silberstein presented at the following workshops: Science First: The Dialectics of Unity and Disunity between Science, Philosophy of Science, and Metaphysics at the American Philosophical Association meeting (Central Division), Minneapolis, MN; McIntyre Lecture on Philosophy and History of Science at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois; Systematicity and the Post-Connectionist Era Workshop held in San Jos (Spain), Universidad de Murcia; Workshop and Doctoral Course on Extended Consciousness Sensorimotor Dynamics and Phenomenal Character, Trondheim, Norway, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), Michael Silberstein and Anthony Chemero instructors; Cyber-Workshop on John Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Physics and Engineering

Sara Atwood received the 2011 Apprentice Educator Grant from the Women In Engineering Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Political Science

Michael Callaghan Pisapia won the American Political Science Association’s William Anderson award for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of federalism, intergovernmental relations, state or local politics completed in 2009 or 2010.

April Kelly-Woessner gave a radio interview about her book, “The Still Divided Academy” on College Connections, a show produced by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education which airs on 14 radio stations. The show is available in an audio file.

Kyle C. Kopko was the lead author for an article titled “In the Eye of the Beholder? Motivated Reasoning in Disputed Elections,” published in the June edition of Political Behavior.

Fletcher McClellan attended the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Seattle, Wash. He co-presented a workshop, “Getting a Job at a Teaching Institution – and Succeeding,” was a discussant for a panel, “Assessing Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies Through Experimental Design,” and served on the Executive Council of the APSA section on Political Science Education.

An article by Fletcher McClellan, Oya Ozkanca and Wayne Selcher titled, “Internationalizing General Education: The First Year Seminar on Political Self-Determination,” was accepted for publication in a forthcoming volume of the Journal of Information Technology and Politics.

W. Wesley McDonald, Political Science, has been appointed to the Board of Quest, a not-for-profit corporation in Lancaster, Pa.

Oya Ozkanca

…joined the editorial board of a peer-reviewed journal on Turkish studies, The International Review of Turkish Studies.

…published a peer-reviewed article, titled “European Union Enlargement and British Public Opinion: The Agenda-Setting Power of the Press,” in Perspectives on European Politics and Society, Vol. 12, No. 2, 139-160, June 2011.

…published an op-ed piece, titled “The Arab Spring: A Golden Opportunity for Security Sector Reform in the Middle East and North Africa,” in In Depth Newsletter, published by Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs at the University of Nicosia. The Op-Ed piece can be read online.


Catherine Lemley and Michael Roy, along with Elizabethtown College alumnae Danielle Alexander ’04, Renee Fortinper ’10, Kelly Wall ’10, Sierra Calaman ’11, Shayna Clancy ’11 and Melissa Rooney ’11, presented at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in Washington D.C.

Jean Pretz

…presented a poster at the 23rd annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in Washington, D.C. The project, “Lack of Metacognitive Awareness of Intuitive and Analytical Ability,” was based on an undergraduate honors thesis by Jennifer Sobyra.  Pretz also published a paper with Dr. Victoria Folse, director of the School of Nursing at Illinois Wesleyan University, titled, “Nursing Experience and Preference for Intuition in Decision Making.” The abstract is available online.

…presented her research at a symposium on “Intuition in Organizations” at the Academy of Management conference in San Antonio, Texas. Her talk, “Development and Validation of the Types of Intuition Scale,” was co-authored with Dr. Jeffrey Brookings of Wittenberg University and former undergraduate student Lauren Carlson of Illinois Wesleyan University.

…was interviewed for an article on the topic of memory and the tricks our minds play on us that appears in www.hippocampusmagazine.com.  The complete interview is here.

T. Evan Smith was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor and awarded tenure.

Religious Studies

Jeffery Long

…signed a contract with IB Tauris to write an introduction to Indian philosophy, which will be his fourth book, and his third for IB Tauris.

…supported by a grant from ISSJS, Long taught in the International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) in New Delhi, India.

…participated in an American Academy of Religion summer seminar on Comparative Theology and Theologies of Religious Pluralism, supported by a grant from the Luce Foundation, and a Dharma Symposium at the University of San Diego, supported by a grant from the Uberoi Foundation.

…had an article titled, “Religion and Violence in Hindu Traditions,” published in the Blackwell Companion to Religion and Violence.

…saw 19 of his entries on various aspects of Indian religion, philosophy, and culture during different historical periods, published in the ABC-CLIO Encyclopedia of World History.

…presented his paper titled, “Anekantavada and Ahimsa,” which roughly translates as “Religious Pluralism and Nonviolence,” at a Jain Studies conference at Siddhachalam, a Jain retreat center in New Jersey.

…made his debut on iTunes!  Search “Vedanta and Yoga” and click on the link to “Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Boston.” Dr. Long’s podcast is titled “Krishna Festival.” It can also be found at the following web link: http://www.vedantasociety.net/

…received the Dialogue in Education award from the Red Rose Foundation, a Lancaster, Pa. organization devoted to inter-religious dialogue.

…spoke at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society in Boston on the topic “Who is Krishna?” He gave this talk at the invitation of Swami Tyagananda, the Hindu chaplain at both Harvard and MIT.

…contributed to the recently published textbook, “The History of Hindu India from Ancient to Modern Times: A Textbook for All Ages,” published by the Himalayan Academy.

…published his third book, the Historical Dictionary of Hinduism, a reference work with more than 1,000 entries on all aspects of Hinduism, as well as a chronology, an introductory overview of Hindu history and photographs by the author.  The publisher is Scarecrow Press (a subsidiary of Rowman and Littlefield).

Michael G. Long

…received an advance publishing contract from Syracuse University Press for a book, tentatively titled, “Beyond Home Plate: Jackie Robinson on Life after Baseball.”

…lectured on Jackie Robinson at the Metropolitan Club in New York City at an event sponsored by the New York Historical Archives. Long also has given a number of interviews on his recent book about Thurgood Marshall, and the book has been featured or reviewed in publications ranging from the Boston Globe to the St. Louis American to the Washington Attorney; the book also has spun off separate articles on Marshall, most notably, those published by Pultizer Prize-winner Kenneth Cooper for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc.

…is completing a book-length manuscript on Bayard Rustin, the leading tactician of the civil rights movement, and he recently has penned a book review for Interpretation and commentaries on Martin Luther King Jr. and gay rights for two publications (the Advocate and the Washington Blade).

Amy Milligan

…was awarded the 2011 Patai Prize for Outstanding Paper on Jewish Folklore and Ethnology for her prize winning paper titled, “Wearing Many Hats: Head-Covering Practices of Orthodox Jewish Women in a Small-Town Congregation” and it will appear in a forthcoming edition of the Jewish Cultural Studies publication series.

…published a chapter titled, “Orthodox Judaism: The Shulchan Arukh,” in “Milestone Documents in World Religions: Exploring Traditions of Faith through Primary Sources.”

Science in Motion

Wendy K. Martin and Kathleen K. Blouch attended a K-12 STEM Education Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.

S. Dale High Center for Family Business

Gale Martin reviewed an anthology titled “What Doesn’t Kill You,” published by Press 53, for Pank Magazine, August issue. http://www.pankmagazine.com/pankblog/reviews/what-doesnt-kill-you-an-anthology-a-review-by-gale-martin/

Mike McGrann –

…was featured in an Expert Q&A for The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, in an article called “Visiting scholar reveals essentials for long-term success.”

…presented a seminar titled, “The Real Value of Values-Centered Leadership” at the 2011 National MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) Conference.

Social Work

Heather Kanenberg is a member of a multi-institution team that recently was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to promote the recruitment, retention and advancement of women academics in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines. Kanenburg will lead a social science team at the College in working with the firm Research for Better Education to do a literature review and to design the study, which will be administered to STEM faculty at colleges and universities in Central Pennsylvania later this year.

Susan Mapp had two chapters published in the recent “Handbook of International Social Work.” One was “Status of Women” and the other was “Violence against Women.” Mapp recently gave a campus-wide lecture titled, “Child Maltreatment in the United States” at the University of the Gambia.

Peggy McFarland gave a presentation, “Challenges of the Increased Aging Populations in the Caribbean,” at the conference of Caribbean and International Social Work Educators held in Martinique.

Peggy McFarland, Jodi Yorty and Mai Lynn Abel ’09 gave a presentation to the residents at Masonic Villages, Elizabethtown, regarding the May 2011 trip to Vietnam. Residents were recognized for the 188 care packages they prepared for the elderly in Vietnam.

Sociology and Anthropology

Michele Lee Kozimor-King ’93 has been elected to the governing council of Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society, as the Region III Representative. Kozimor-King was selected for a leadership role on the council as the Chair of the Awards Committee.

Young Center

Donald B. Kraybill –

…presented public lectures at Eastern University in Philadelphia, at a Professional Development Seminar for Lancaster County Law Enforcement Officers organized by the District Attorney’s office.

…delivered the Mahan Lecture in Philosophy at Gettysburg College.

…participated in a doctoral defense for Martine Vonk at Virije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Vonk was a doctoral fellow at the Young Center in 2004. Kraybill also presented a paper on Amish forgiveness at a Just Peace Conference at the University during his visit.

…is the lead co-author (with Gertrude Huntington) of “The Amish American Family,” published in the book Ethnic Families In America by Pearson Press.

The Young Center compiled its annual update of Amish population statistics for North America. The results were reported in an Associated Press story that appeared in more than 150 major and regional media outlets across the country. The information is available in the Center’s Amish studies website.